About Canada
Canada is synonymous with the big red maple leaf, which is proudly flaunted on its flag. The maple leaf is a quintessential symbol of Canada that represents its culture, continuing life and beauty. Sprawled across the continent of North America, Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of total area. It shares its land borders with the USA and the US state of Alaska. Flanked by three oceans on its three sides, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Arctic Ocean to the north, it has the longest coastline inthe world at 202,080 kilometers (125,570 miles).

One of its topographic wonders, Canada is home to the largest number of lakes in the world that add up to 2,000,000 in numbers and hold much of the world’s fresh water. Canada is enriched with natural marvels that add to its raw beauty. The Northern Lights in Yukon and Northwest territories, fresh-water glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, the famous Niagara Falls, Prairie Skies in Canadian Prairies, Bay of Fundi in Atlantic Canada to name a few, are some of its incredibly beautiful phenomena that offer an immersive experience to visitors.

The cities of Canada are modern and classy and regularly feature on the list of “the best places to live”. Ottawa, the southeastern capital of Canada, is popular for boating in summer and ice skating in winter. Ethnically diverse city of Toronto is home to iconic CN Tower and 400-acres High Park. Montreal is a lively city that gets pepped up with annual Jazz Fest and is famed for its French colonial buildings. Banff is famous for the film festival, hot springs, and ski resorts. Quebec City is famed for Citadelle of Québec and Carnaval de Quebec.

Canada is a beautiful combination of pristine nature and suave infrastructure with advanced cosmopolitan cities, vibrant culture, and wonderfully friendly people. Different ethnic groups, people from different religious backgrounds and national origins form the population of this vast country and make it a melting pot.

As a cultural mosaic, Canada is an amalgamation of European culture and traditions especially France and the UK, which blended with its indigenous culture. The country adopted their language, art, and music. As a result, English and French form the official languages of Canada. Furthermore, the immigrant population also brought their cultures to the country which later became a part of the mainstream culture of Canada.

Surfing, skiing, hiking, or dogsledding- Canada has something for everyone. One may cycle about the craggy cliff edges or get lost in the cities, gazing out at the harbour front. Canada, known for its geography, does not fail to impress on the history front either beginning with the Indigenous People. When one decides to go to Canada, they cannot go wrong.

Types Of Visa

Tourist Visa

Business VIsa

Documents Requirements

Visa Process

  • All Indian passport holders require a valid visa to enter Canada.
  • All visa applicants applying for the Canada visa for the first time are required to visit the visa application centre in person for the biometric information submission.
  • Visa applicants who have submitted their biometric information after 31st December 2018 at Canada visa application centre need not visit the visa application centre in person for the submission as bio-metrics will be vaild for 10 years. The visa application can be submitted by a third party.
  • Children below the age of 14 and above 80 are exempted for biometric information submission for Canada visa application.
  • The visa allows multiple entries and is valid for 10 years, however, it is up to the validity of the passport and the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate.
  • The visa processing time is 28 days. Visa issuance is mostly done in a much shorter time, however, this can vary based on a specific case.

Tourist Attraction

  • View one of Canada's greatest architectural marvels- the Parliament of Canada, Ontario
  • Visit the ghost town of Uranium City, Saskatchewan
  • Taste of piece of Europe in Old Quebec
  • Experience the snow at Fernie, BC
  • Visit the dinosaur capital of the world- Drumheller, Alberta
  • Visit the diverse Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan/Alberta
  • Explore the outdoors in Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Relax at Stanley Park in Vancouver
  • Visit the Niagara Falls
  • Climb up the CN Tower

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  • The processing time is 25-30 working days once the application is complete and all documents have been provided.

You can stay in Canada for a maximum period of 90 days only with a single entry visa.

Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the arrival date in Canada

Visa applicants from Asia, America and Asia Pacific will have to give their biometrics from 31st December, 2018 onwards.

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