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Why Study in Malaysia

Taking the decision of moving out and pursuing education abroad, seems challenging at first but eventually is a great decision that will help students enhance their future perspective. Studying abroad exposes you to varied cultures from all around the globe that helps you shape your personality more efficiently with more communication and a lot of interaction.

With more than 100 universities and 150-course options to choose from, Malaysia has a top-notch education system and is becoming one of the most popular destinations among international students.

Also, the country is considered safe and sound as per the safety measures and its modern infrastructure facilities, it enhances the lifestyle of international students living there.

  • Quality of Education

Universities in Malaysia may not stand close to universities from other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore but they are rapidly improving their quality of education. The education system here is governed by the Ministry of Higher Education who aims to turn Malaysia into a Center for Academic Excellence and thus universities here are not far behind from imparting world-class education to international students.

  • The benefit of Twinning Programs

Malaysian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs, where the students get an option to complete their 1st and 2nd year in Malaysia and the final year abroad with any of the partner universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and more. This option is known as “twinning programs” and is available to international students.

  • Affordable Education and Cost of Living

Pursuing further education in Malaysia is comparatively lower than in other countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Canada, and more. The courses offered here have the same content and the same evaluation criteria, giving the degree acquired the same weightage as the one obtained from any other country at a much affordable cost. Moreover, the cost of living is low as well, which eases the financial burden on international students.

  • Employment Opportunities for International Students

International students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week while they are studying in Malaysia and can work in restaurants, hotels, petrol stations. Moreover, once the students have completed their education and acquired their degrees, employment opportunities are available in abundance where students can find themselves suitable jobs as per their qualification.

  • Modern Infrastructure Facilities

Apart from education, health, safety, and quality of education are important factors that need to be considered while deciding to study abroad. Malaysia is a well-developed country with well-constructed roads and access to affordable public transport all across the country. Also, medical facilities in Malaysia are professional and quite budget-friendly which saves international students from spending much while visiting a doctor.

  • Excellent Study Programs and Courses

Malaysia is becoming a preferred study destination for international students as the country is equipped with a high-quality education at an affordable rate, giving an edge to all the students. Malaysia has more universities and a variety of programs that students can opt for while studying here. Students can choose programs and courses as per their requirements and their previous qualifications.


Advantages of Studying In Malaysia

Malaysia is multicultural in nature with students coming from different parts of the world where half of its population is native Malay while the rest of the people are majorly from India and China. The diversity in culture exposes students to adapt to a new place and learn new things which will enhance their personality even more.  

Also, the country has started focusing more on education along with tourism as it spends a major part of its higher education investments in strengthening the current education system of the country and has started partnering with other universities from different countries. 

Malaysia is a fast developing country providing students not only excellent education at an affordable cost but also the experience gained from different cultures.

  • Immigration Process

Malaysia is one such country where students can benefit from the lengthy immigration procedure as the country has a seamless and hassle-free procedure for international students applying for Malaysia.

  • No Language Barriers

In Malaysia, Malay and English are widely spoken languages and the majority of the universities conduct their lectures in English only which makes it easier for international students to understand better. Also, Malay is a learnable language as the words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled and grammar is easy.

  • Safe and Peaceful Country

Malaysia is indeed one of the safest countries with stable political conditions and low crime rates and also a peaceful place for international students who can live here without worrying. 

  • Weather

Malaysia has quite comforting weather with warm and sunny weather with rain all year round without harsh cold or hot summers, making it easier for students to adapt and adjust.

  • Diversity in Culture

Malaysia is a friendly country with warm and welcoming people who love to socialize and interact with new entrants into the country. Also, the country attracts students from all around the world with different cultures and discrete ideologies making it easier for students to learn new things and expand their horizons.

  • Affordable Flights

When we talk about affordability, it is not only relevant to studies but a lot of other activities that a student might involve in and one of which is traveling from one place to another. Flights from Malaysia are quite budget-friendly and give an opportunity to international students to fly and explore new places during their weekends or short breaks to Bangkok, Bali, and more.


Life In Malaysia

Malaysia is known as a country filled with cultural diversity and one which has many touristy locations.  International students who are coming for their further studies in Malaysia will have an amazing experience due to its low cost of living, great food, and even the weather conditions.

Moreover, students can also enjoy the ease of traveling to nearby locations because English is a widely spoken language that gives all the students an edge while exploring new places.

However, apart from certain benefits that the country offers, let us have a look as to what a student can expect while residing in Malaysia while they are studying.

  • Wanderlust for Travel Enthusiasts

Who doesn’t love traveling and exploring new places? Well, if you’re in Malaysia, your dream might just get fulfilled as traveling to beautiful places with picturesque locations is far affordable than imagined and Malaysia tops the list as according to some surveys, Malaysia was ranked as the most visited country in the world. The stunning diversity of attractions and value-for-money leisure activities ensures that students never run out of things to see and do while they are here.

  • Great Food

There are so many people coming in here from different parts of the world that make Malaysia a culturally diverse country and a paradise for foodies’. International students can enjoy a variety of cuisines and also enjoy traditional Malay food. Also, students can enjoy amazing Chinese and Indian dishes at Panang, which is considered the street food capital of Malaysia.

  • Explore the Nature

Malaysia has 40 plus National and State Parks throughout the country and two-thirds of the land is covered by undeveloped rainforest where students can find wild animals roaming freely. For students who love Wildlife and Nature, Malaysia is a dream country for them and they are sure to explore more and more with each passing day.

  • Easy Networking

Malaysia is known as a warm and welcoming country and it becomes easier for an outsider to move and settle easily where there are people who are always willing to help you. There are large established ex-pat communities where students can join and network with people from varied backgrounds and learn many new things.

  • Dream worthy Beaches and Islands

Malaysia isn’t that popular as a beach destination like its Southeast Asian Indonesia and Thailand, but it does have some beautiful beaches and islands to explore. International students can plan their weekends by visiting these beautiful beaches and amazing islands and enjoy diving and snorkeling in crystal clear water and can even relax on the white sand beaches.

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